The Story Behind The Breadcrumb Adventure.

This podcast has (sort of) been a long time in coming. In the summer of 2020, we began reading up on missional communities. Both of us got excited about the potential of living out discipleship not just in our home, but out in our community (you know, like Jesus asked us to do in Matt. 28:19-20). We’ve spent a lot of time thinking it through and we have developed a model for missional families. Now we’re documenting our adventure as we dive into living out the model in 2022.

We’ve been implementing our missional plans in fits and starts for awhile now, but as we begin another year, we’re ready to really take the plunge. You’re invited to come along with us–whether you want to try it out, learn from our mistakes, pray us along, or even just keep tabs on what we’re up to. We can’t promise to succeed in all our goals, but we will promise to be honest, open, practical, and real.

Meet Your Hosts

Ben Martin

Ben is passionate about being a disciple and equipping people on their journey of following Jesus. He currently serves as the Children & Family Discipleship Pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church, on the campus of Andrews University.

Ben enjoys camping, photography, and exploring new ways to make the Gospel relevant to the those around him.

Brianna Martin

Brianna is a thoughtful educator who is excited about discipling children for Jesus. She is currently home with her boys, where she pours her heart into introducing them to a lifelong relationship with Jesus (and also does a lot of chores). Brianna writes her blog, Disciple Mama, and works as the small groups coordinator at Pioneer Memorial Church.

When she has “free time”, which any parent can readily tell you is a myth, Brianna likes to curl up someplace cozy with a good book and a hot drink.